Quality Policy Statement

ISO 9001: 2015: Quality Policy Statement

Shelter Afrique (“The Company’’) is a Pan-African company established out of a partnership between 44 African Governments, the African Development Bank (AfDB) and the Africa Reinsurance Corporation. The Company has been established to support and increase the supply of affordable housing in Africa, by fostering viable strategic partnerships and offering a range of financial and technical products and related services. With its headquarters in
Nairobi, Kenya, the company has two regional representative offices in Abidjan (Cote D’Ivoire) and Abuja (Nigeria).

The Company is committed to implementation of quality management standards as advanced by ISO 9001:2015. We have designed our products and services with the quality metrics in mind, which will ensure that we meet and exceed our customer expectations. We intend to continually achieve this objective by implementing, maintaining and continually
enhancing our corporate governance practices, risk management processes, operational systems and technologies, and product development processes.

Our quality management practices extend to employee empowerment, training and awareness of our institutional mandate, strategic objectives, business goals and stakeholder expectations. At the heart of our organizational quality management system is our core values of Accountability, Customer Centricity, Teamwork, Integrity and Innovation espoused by the acronym -ACTIIn. All our staff and partners are required and expected to inculcate these values in all our operations, stakeholder engagements and provision of products and services to our customers.

As a transformed institution, we are committed to sustained maintenance of our quality management system as per the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 standard. Our leadership team will continually review the quality management system for relevance and adequacy and address any areas of improvements expected to guarantee our customers, clients and all key stakeholders’ quality and experiential service delivery.


Date: 27th SEPTEMBER 2019

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